Online Marketing

Mirriad – Native In-Video Advertising

While technological breakthroughs are happening left and right these days, society still seems to be grasping for interesting things to talk about. Look no further than a topic which made CNN’s front-page news this past week. Apparently, Southwest Airlines had a worst driver’s license contest and a paper airplane contest when a flight was delayed which – […]

AR Advertising Gets into the Marketing Game

Not all of our staff at Nanalyze are highly paid MBAs who graduated top of their class at Wharton. In fact, none of our MBAs are highly paid and half of them can’t even spell Wharton – but we do have a team of MBAs that produce the quality insights you’ve grown to love over the years. […]

Wi-Fi Hotspot Marketing Software That Works

The sweet spot for any digital nomad is the ability to work from anywhere on the planet, provided that there’s readily available Wi-Fi access. Since we’re all remote workers here at Nanalyze, we’ve spent a fair amount of time holding up our phones looking for “two bars” of reception so we can start writing. We found an app […]

Psychographics: What is It and How Does It Work?

Remember the days when marketing was simply getting a plastic Made-in-China toy in your Happy Meal or watching a busty supermodel and an unshaven dude with a six-pack sell soft drinks, beer or whatever? Sure, advertising has grown more sophisticated over the years, often involving the study of such things as demographics (like age or […]

The Best Logo Design Company Uses AI

At some point in your life, you’ve probably thought of a really good business idea. In your mind, the idea is so full of your raw unbridled genius, that you promise not to tell a soul. Then your big fat ego steps in, and before you know it you’re spilling the beans to your mates […]

The Echo Chamber of AI and Online Marketing

It seems like there’s a lot of new terminology being thrown around these days by people who may not really know what some of these new words actually mean. When they use these words in an ironic manner without realizing it, the rest of us have a good laugh. It’s kind of along the same lines […]