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The Chances of Twitter Surviving Elon Musk

Elon Musk should stick to building rockets and electric cars. A lot of people have been saying that lately, and they’re right. After reducing the cost of transporting goods to space by 90%, and building the most popular electric car on this planet without spending a dime on advertising, he probably should stick to his […]

A Twilio Stock Analysis: It’s Complicated

Gene editing is a great example of an extremely difficult concept that’s easy to understand. The recipe of life is DNA. Changing the recipe of life allows you to fix defects or create new and exciting things. Understanding the technical details of how that happens isn’t necessary to understand the value proposition, and screening the […]

Roblox Stock: Falling Bookings Raise Concerns

Conviction is a critically important virtue of an effective leader. You must believe what you say when you say it. There’s no room for misinterpretation when you’re commanding the troops. This same principle extends to the investing world. We often make fun of the term “cautious optimism” because it epitomizes how many pundits are afraid […]

Social VR Brings People Together in Virtual Worlds

The Oracle of Mars, Elon Musk, has often alluded to the conspiracy theory metaphysical possibility that we’re living in a simulation. It’s like that scene from “Animal House” where Pinto the pledge ponders the implication that one atom in his fingernail is an entire universe. Ergo, his universe is but a single atom in the […]

Should Social Media Data be Used for ESG Investing?

You have to beat the system to change it. In today’s capitalist society, this means climbing the ladder alongside the rest of the grunts and accumulating wealth that you can use to change the world. It’s a far more effective strategy than waving a hand-painted sign around while chanting slogans. Another way to help change […]

How to Identify Fake News Using AI

Digital media is an extremely tough game these days, and last year saw all kinds of consolidations and layoffs making us wonder just how good of an idea it is to be doing all this research and giving it away for free. Fortunately for us, it’s a game where the competition is growing increasingly weaker. […]

BUZZ Indexes Enables the First ETF Built Using AI

The application of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data to the investing process is an exciting one, and up until now this application has been limited to only the most sophisticated institutional investors. One of our readers recently informed us about a company called BUZZ Indexes that takes all the big data being generated by […]

The 4 Best Social Media Listening Tools

Before we get into talking about social media listening tools, we need to qualify our stance on social media. Someone asked us recently why we don’t cover any social media type startups here on Nanalyze. This is because we mainly discuss disruptive technologies on this site that add value to society, because that’s what disruptive […]