AR Advertising Gets into the Marketing Game

Not all of our staff at Nanalyze are highly paid MBAs who graduated top of their class at Wharton. In fact, none of our MBAs are highly paid and half of them can’t even spell Wharton – but we do have a team of MBAs that produce the quality insights you’ve grown to love over the years. Since we spend a lot of time talking to company executives and founders, we do have the odd professional journalist on staff (emphasis on odd), most of whom were inspired to get into the news game thanks to classic movies like All the President’s Men about the Watergate scandal. The reality of the newsroom is something else entirely in most news organizations around the country. News is oftentimes viewed by publishers as the frame for advertising. Digital advertising has changed the game even more dramatically in recent years.

Digital ad spending is starting to outpace traditional advertising dollars.
Digital ad spending is starting to outpace traditional advertising dollars. Credit: eMarketer

In fact, digital ad spending will outpace traditional media for the first time this year – $129.34 billion versus $109.48 billion. And even that market is quickly evolving, as emerging technologies like

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