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May 11. 2018. 5 mins read
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At some point in your life, you’ve probably thought of a really good business idea. In your mind, the idea is so full of your raw unbridled genius, that you promise not to tell a soul. Then your big fat ego steps in, and before you know it you’re spilling the beans to your mates at work, but of course prefacing it with “promise not to tell anyone about my great idea, ok?” Then what happens is you’ll spend days figuring out the perfect domain name, which you will then purchase on GoDaddy and never do a single thing with.

Successful entrepreneurs know that the difficult part of any startup isn’t coming up with the idea, it’s having the ability to execute on the idea. Everything comes down to execution. Most people have an idea, find the “perfect” domain and business name, then spend a bunch of money designing a cool looking logo that will never see the light of day. That’s where we’re going to help you today. No, we’re not going to tell you how to execute. We’re going to tell you how to get a truly unique logo designed at an affordable price.

Our MBAs have plenty of failed startups under their belts. That’s why they decided to give up on entrepreneurship entirely and spend all their time analyzing what other entrepreneurs are doing wrong. They all agreed that getting a logo designed today looks something like this:

  • Spend several evenings “doing it yourself” and realizing you have no skills in such matters
  • Log onto a platform like Fiver and pay $5 for a $5 logo
  • Decide that “you get what you pay for” and then hire John in Mumbai on Upwork
  • Settle on a logo, pay for it, then 1 year later realize that John in Mumbai just copied it from some stock vector graphics on Bigstockphoto

Some of you can probably relate to that. For those of you that can’t, it simply means this. Even if you find the best logo design company out there, in the back of your mind you will always be worried that the human who designed your logo didn’t quite make it original. In other words, your logo is just not that different from all the other millions of logos that have already been created. So where can you go to get a truly unique logo at an affordable price?

We’re going to tell you how to design the perfect unique logo for your startup by using artificial intelligence. You don’t even need to write one single line of code, because these lads have already sorted everything out for you.

About Tailor Brands

Click for company websiteEstablished in 2014 and based out of Brooklyn New Yawwk, Tailor Brands has taken in $20.4 million to “make logo design simple” and help eradicate some of the human problems we mentioned earlier by just not using humans at all. The company’s most recent round of funding came in the form of a $15.5 million round raised just several days ago. While you may be tempted to think that this little startup with an underwhelming logo can’t be doing that much work already, they’re already crafting a logo every second. Over 100 million unique designs have already been picked through by the 3 million users on their platform.

The Tailor Brands pitch deck is probably full of references to how independent the millennial generation is, and how they’ll all be starting their own businesses that will need logos and services. Millennials will be left with no choice of course, because all of today’s jobs are being taken by robots, jobs like “logo designer”:

Poor Rebecca won’t be able to charge $73 an hour to design logos soon and she’ll have to find something else to charge that much money an hour for. Now you might be thinking to yourself, “but Rebecca studied underwater basket weaving at a top arts school, and AI can’t do what she can do”, and you may very well be right. That’s why we decided to give the Tailor Brands platform a go ourselves.

In order to test out their product, we decided to use one of the many business ideas milling about our office. The idea we settled on is an ICO we’re planning which involves building an app that uses blockchain to track how much money you’ve lost in ICOs so far. It also uses artificial intelligence to figure out how you could be so fcuking stupid to keep “investing in ICOs”. We’re going to call the business IC-OWE, and now we just need a logo before we go to Fiver and get some tool to cobble together a white paper for our new business so we can raise $50 million by selling tokens.

The first thing we needed to do was spell out our business a bit (one would assume that they’re scraping this description with some good old NLP):

Then we selected an icon, name, or initial based logo. We chose an icon logo, and then had to decide if we wanted abstract (yes) or not. The software then walked us through around 10 different pairs of text styles making us pick all/one/none. In about 1 minute flat, the AI algorithms had worked their magic and here’s what came out:

If you are underwhelmed as we are by the initial suggestion, don’t worry. They let you see many more suggested logos and some were quite good. Even if you can’t find something you like, just run through the whole process again and get a completely different set of results.

Once you choose a logo you like, or decide that you want to customize one of their suggested logos, you are then asked to sign up for a monthly or yearly payment plan. The cheapest yearly plan is about $36, and with that comes a perpetual license for your logo that never expires, even if you cancel the plan.

The Tailor Brands subscription doesn’t just include the logo they designed for you, but also other things that a new business might need, like business cards, a landing page, presentations decks with your logo and brand, and even social media posts that you can send out to your handful of followers. The idea is to offer up all the services a new business might need in front of people who are creating their logo, which usually signals the beginning of a new business – or the end of a great idea that never gets executed upon. Either way, the company still gets paid and you get to keep the logo forever, even if you cancel your subscription.


Tailor Brands has an interesting “run rate” business model that’s more than off the ground. Their clever use of AI shows that no job is immune from the cold claws of automation. If you’re looking to get a business off the ground and you need a logo designed, give Tailor Brands a whirl. They’re the best logo design company out there because they’re affordable and you can be sure that you’re always getting something original. Or just save your money because you know it’s not anything you’ll ever follow through on anyway – just like our brilliant IC-OWE app idea.


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