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In order to better assist you, we’ve broken down some possible reasons for your inquiry as follows:

Are you a PR firm?
We generally won’t work with PR firms unless they are willing to give us something of monetary value in exchange. (Please read this article.)​ Our MBAs need to eat too.
Do you want us to link to your great piece of content?
While your content is quite useful, we don’t do “links”. We don’t ask for them and we don’t give them. They happen naturally as we publish articles.
Do you want us to write about your company?
We always love to hear from company founders and/or senior leadership. Please note that we have a long queue of topics extending well into the next 6 months. Our content marketing service can get you to the front of that queue and in front of +100,000 unique readers a month. Our fees help cover the cost of our writers and research team.
Do you want to write for Nanalyze?
We’re always looking for good writers with a very unique style. Please see our “About Us” page for our editorial guidelines!​
Are you interested in content marketing?
We have a rapidly growing audience of influential readers who we are quite protective of. We offer content marketing services to select companies that will offer value to our readers and provide us with cash to feed our team of MBAs. Please contact us for more details.

If your inquiry doesn’t fall into the above types, please reach out to us and we’ll get one of our MBAs to respond ASAP!​

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You may also email us at [email protected]

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