Mirriad – Native In-Video Advertising

While technological breakthroughs are happening left and right these days, society still seems to be grasping for interesting things to talk about. Look no further than a topic which made CNN’s front-page news this past week. Apparently, Southwest Airlines had a worst driver’s license contest and a paper airplane contest when a flight was delayed which – according to the article – made Kristen Dundas of Windermere, Florida (we have no idea who she is either) so happy, she uttered this typo-ridden tweet which is somehow considered “news.”

Some complete drivel that made its way into a CNN article
Credit CNN

The Columbia journalist who authored this hard-hitting piece goes on to say that “Although Dundas didn’t participate in the games herself, she called the experience awesome.”

Today, we’re going to talk about something equally as awesome – Native In-Video Advertising (NIVA).

Programmatic Ads for Video

In our recent article on how AR Advertising Gets into the Marketing Game, we looked at a number of ways that advertisers are able to use technology like augmented reality and computer vision to insert ads into movies, video games, and virtual reality. Inserting an ad into virtual reality is pretty simple to do, but what if y

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