7 Examples of AI in Retail and e-Commerce

From the outside looking in, shopping hasn’t changed all that much in the past decade. Sure, it’s more common now to find a brick-and-mortar synced efficiently with its online presence (Target is great at this). But those still seem to be the exception to the rule. Behind the scenes, however, it’s a very different story. […]

9 of the Biggest British Startups are Unicorns

Once upon a time, the sun never set on the British empire. It wasn’t just about military might. Britain’s East India Company—really the world’s first mega-corporation—accounted for about half of all global trade at the peak of its power. Those days are long gone. Its former colony, India, has more billion-dollar startups than the United […]

AI Becomes Fashionable with these 10 Startups

All we ever learned about fashion came from watching and re-watching Zoolander until we could perfect the Blue Steel look (see below). In other words, at Nanalyze, we’re not exactly a bunch of metrosexual males squeezed into skinny jeans made in Japan for $595 a pop. So it’s not really surprising that a machine knows […]