About Nanalyze

Who we are and what we do

Nanalyze was founded by tenured risk management professionals as a research subscription service for retail and institutional investors across the globe who want to become better investors. Those who value wealth preservation as much as appreciation find our risk management approach helps avoid many pitfalls that befall newbie and experienced investors alike. We show people how to better manage risk while managing our own pool of assets which contains more than 60 growth and value stocks.

What we offer

For investors, both retail and institutional, our Nanalyze Premium subscription provides access to all premium research articles covering disruptive technology stocks and ETFs. Annual subscribers also receive access to our in-depth investment reports and tools including The Nanalyze Disruptive Tech Stock Portfolio Report and our 460+ stock catalog.

In our premium articles and reports, we evaluate stocks, ETFs, alternative assets, and other investment vehicles that allow investors to get exposure to 12 disruptive technologies and more than 70 related technology themes. More information on how we evaluate potential investments can be found in The Nanalyze Disruptive Tech Investing Methodology.

For startups and public relations/communications agencies, we offer Nanalyze Content Marketing, a service that helps companies articulate their exciting story to a broad audience of readers across the globe. We also provide custom research services for companies or agencies. If you’re interested in working with Nanalyze on custom research projects, please email us directly at contact us.

Our story

Founded in 2003, Nanalyze started as a forum where investors could share information on companies involved in nanotechnology. Nanalyze was key in distributing objective information that helped differentiate real nanotechnology companies from “pump and dump” over-the-counter stocks that attempted to capitalize on the hype surrounding nanotechnology. Today Nanalyze manages real portfolios of growth and value stocks while helping people – novices and experts alike – become better investors.

The Nanalyze Disruptive Tech Investing Methodology

Our approach to tech investing is objective and attempts to minimize risk. Human emotion can wreak havoc upon a strategy, so we do everything we can to take the risk and emotion out of our investment decisions with a straightforward approach. We set rules for our portfolio and adhere to them strictly – trimming a position when it becomes more than 10% of our portfolio, not investing in anything below $1B market cap, and limiting the total amount of capital we will commit to a single position. We deliver this in an accessible way so that anyone can become a better investor.

Our team

Our diverse global team is unified around a single goal – to help people become better investors. We are apolitical, transparent, hardworking, and we don't take ourselves too seriously. We understand that we always have more to learn, and we emphasize integrity above all else in our writing, content, and investment decisions. Hired from within our community, our team of PhDs (poor, hungry, and determined) truly cares about the Nanalyze mission. We check our egos at the door and let our research speak for itself. And we always have time to answer questions from our community of budding investors.


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Thanks for all the help and direction you guys have provided. Saved another retail investors future !


I LOVE the site and your approach to dividend growth investing. Thanks.

Jeff W.

Signed up as an annual member a few days ago and am very glad to have done so. The content, the education, the explanations, the portfolios are all top notch.


The articles are interesting to read. Well written and edited.


By the way – I love Nanalyze: don’t change; just add on.


Nice content, thank you. Got a new subscriber.

Chris A.

Who wrote this article? It’s witty and outright enjoyable while providing facts at the same time. Just enjoyed this piece. Fair to say, I became a fan of this site with just this article.


I just subscribed to Nanalyze, this is really great work that you and your team are doing. I appreciate it!


I love the way you guys write. It’s not stuffy, dumb or boring. Well done. I’m a fan.


I’ve been a Nanalyze Premium subscriber since early February. I appreciate the great work you and your Team do.


So glad I joined Nanalyze!!


Your clear, no BS, no political correctness, tell it like you see it approach is so refreshing that I could not resist signing up. Looking forward to digging into your articles and future reports.


I have followed your research for awhile and appreciate the levelheaded prospective. Glad to support your firms efforts!


As a long time investor, I am  impressed with the methodology depth and independence of your analytical approach.


Very much appreciated. Excellent analysis. That’s why I am a subscriber.


Thanks for all of your entertaining and informative posts.

Ben M.

Brilliant website. I must admit it’s the first time I pay for articles on the internet.


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