Is Okta Stock a Buy Based on Its Current Valuation?

Aside from adopting a recession-proof dividend growth investing strategy, risk-averse retail investors still interested in tech stocks should put a few criteria on their checklist. Look for high-margin software-as-a–service (SaaS) stocks because conventional wisdom says they are financially in a good position to become profitable (eventually) while maintaining a high-growth tempo. SaaS stocks should be […]

CrowdStrike Vs Zscaler: Which Stock is Better?

Investors usually compare two stocks because they’re holding one or thinking about it. Usually, the stocks in question have some obvious relationship. You wouldn’t try to compare Protolabs to Procter & Gamble (P&G) because the two firms have nothing in common. However, you might compare P&G to IBM because they’re both dividend-growth stocks. You might […]

CrowdStrike Stock – What’s a Fair Valuation?

Bear markets should be celebrated as opportunities to purchase quality growth assets at a significant discount. It’s also a time when companies with subpar business models come under scrutiny. Selling promises of future growth becomes very difficult which is why special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) have come crumbling down with more than 40 of the […]

How Okta Was Hacked and What That Means for the Stock

Some alarming news this past week on Thirsty Thursday. No, we’re not talking about that hard-hitting HuffPo piece exploring Amy Schumer’s secret hair pulling disorder, something we suspect stems from her inability to do standup comedy without mentioning her private parts. The news was much more dire than that, at least for shareholders of Okta […]

Okta Stock Forecast: Growth with a Chance of Dominance

Some disruptive technology themes are more mature than others. Take cybersecurity as an example. Since the days of Norton Antivirus, cybersecurity companies have been hard at work trying to make sure the world’s computers remain secure. Consequently, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to cybersecurity stocks. Rather than try to cherry-pick a few winners […]

ForgeRock Stock: A “Never Login Again” Identity Platform

Using a unique set of characters to access something that’s being protected is as old as time. It’s something we’re taught at a very young age, for example, in the fables of Syrian storyteller Hanna Diyab who speaks the magic words “open sesame.” In a world where we’re trying to bring woolly mammoths back to […]

Chainalysis Fights Fraud in the Cryptocurrency World

The old adage “follow the money” merits some caution in times of market mania. When notable venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz recently announced a $2.2 billion blockchain/cryptocurrency fund, it raised some eyebrows. Surely these technologies must have loads of potential if these thought leaders are investing so much time and money into this space. Then […]

AI Cybersecurity Stocks – SentinelOne vs. Darktrace

It’s coming up on two years since we visited The World’s Most Elite Cybercrime Fighting Unit in Moscow to learn about just how financially motivated hackers are. More than 90% of all cybercrimes in the world now involve money theft, something America’s energy industry and dead cow industry have come face to face with. Along […]

Which of The 3 Biggest Cybersecurity Stocks is the Best?

Documenting your investment decisions helps you learn from your mistakes and see through the various emotions that surface. Over the years, we’ve translated our patterns of investing into a methodology of sorts that we use to guide future investing decisions. One belief we’ve held is that if there are ETFs available for a particular theme […]

The Best Cybersecurity ETF to Invest In – A Guide

We spend a lot of time looking at what investors are searching for to determine what themes they’re interested in. Some of the findings are insightful. For example, people always search for why a stock is falling, but never ask why it’s rising. That’s because the pain of losing is psychologically about twice as powerful […]