Bitcoin is Crashing and Burning: What Next?

Web 3.0 is turning out to be an absolute mess. Someone named otterooo (that’s all anyone knows about him) is on Twitter accusing a cryptocurrency exchange that operates in over 200 countries, KuCoin, of being insolvent. In response, the CEO is posting on the company blog his conversations with otterooo (translated from Mandarin) along with […]

Coinbase Stock and the Get-Rich-Quick Mentality

A large number of young Americans believe there’s some elusive shortcut to wealth. The cause could be any number of reasons – Hollywood drivel that’s peddled as entertainment, the 15-second TikTok attention span, or today’s financial pundit touting ten stocks under $10 – whatever the cause might be, the snake oil salespeople of crypto have […]

Core Scientific: Just Another Bitcoin Mining Stock?

Our recently launched YouTube channel has brought around a contingent of punters who are dumbstruck to find someone casting a critical eye on their “next Tesla.” Few can formulate an argument based on facts, so they opt to attack the messenger instead. One accusation is that we always assume investors are uninformed. Since half of […]

What You’re Investing in With Coinbase Stock

Bitcoin miners are going to be up Schitt’s Creek without a paddle if the Web 3.0 community decides that conserving the electricity used to mine bitcoins is more important than the joys of decentralized finance. That’s the direction Ethereum 2.0 is going, so nothing says bitcoin couldn’t make the same move. It takes about $12,500 […]

About The Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF: BLOK

Irrational exuberance was a term coined by Alan Greenspan to describe “the psychological basis of a speculative bubble” where “news of price increases spurs investor enthusiasm, which spreads by psychological contagion.” He coined that term in the bathtub, and first used it publicly about three years before the dot-bomb crash. Bearing that in mind, take […]

Argo Blockchain Stock: Buy Bitcoin Instead

Big news across the pond in Yankville for you Brits out there. A copy of the American Constitution was being auctioned off at Sotheby’s, and a group of attention seekers crypto thought leaders decided to pull together funds to buy it. That’s right. ConstitutionDAO crowdfunded upwards of 40 million USD (about 29.6 million quid) to […]

Helium Coin is Not a Stock. So What is HNT?

In today’s era of 140 characters or less, people think a single-sentence critique is a sufficient way to challenge someone else’s thesis. “Boy, that didn’t age well,” they’ll say. If they completely disagree with everything you said, you’ll get a similar intellectually lazy response. “You’re gaslighting everyone,” or the classic “okay boomer.” The latter happens […]

When Blockchain Technology Becomes Too Complicated

Blockchain started out as a solution looking for a problem. When it couldn’t find any problems, it created some of its own. First came ICOs, then NFTs, and then the cult of crypto that believes that there’s only one way but up. Retail investors aren’t the only ones getting fleeced. With crypto came the emergence […]

Securitize: A Complete Platform for Securitization

The blockchain was supposed to democratize access to assets until it didn’t. First came ICOs. This manifestation equated to a guy standing in an empty lot selling tokens you could spend at the store he planned to build there. Once he collected everyone’s money, he moved to Mexico. Then came NFTs. Instead of tokens with […]

Hut 8 Mining Stock: A Risky Play on Crypto Mining

Investors should only invest in what they understand. If you invest in something you don’t fully comprehend, that’s more akin to speculating. Most people dabbling in cryptocurrency haven’t a clue about the intrinsic value of what they’re buying. For evidence of that, look no further than Dogecoin (DOGE), a cryptocurrency that started off as a […]