SentinelOne vs CrowdStrike | CRWD Stock vs S Stock

May 13. 2023. 1 min read

SentinelOne vs CrowdStrike, CrowdStrike vs SentinelOne. These are commonly used search terms by investors looking to find the best cybersecurity stock. Our methodology always prioritizes leaders over laggards, but the Gartner Endpoint Protection quadrant tells us that both SentinelOne and CrowdStrike are leaders. That may be the case, but Crowdstrike is also 6X the size of SentinelOne. While SentinelOne is growing revenues faster than CrowdStrike, that advantage will be eroded as they scale. If we were choosing between CRWD stock vs S stock, we’d go long CrowdStrike – and indeed we did. In this presentation, we talk about what valuation target we’d consider adding some shares of CrowdStrike stock at.


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