Okta Stock Forecast: Growth with a Chance of Dominance

Some disruptive technology themes are more mature than others. Take cybersecurity as an example. Since the days of Norton Antivirus, cybersecurity companies have been hard at work trying to make sure the world’s computers remain secure. Consequently, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to cybersecurity stocks. Rather than try to cherry-pick a few winners from the dozens of potential candidates out there, we decided to find the best cybersecurity ETF and invest in it. Easy peasy.

We’ve researched the cybersecurity domain consistently over the years, focusing mainly on the use of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity. Firms like CrowdStrike (CRWD) and Darktrace (DARK.L) have been reaping the rewards that come from outsmarting cybercriminals with sophisticated deep learning algorithms. Another niche we’ve been watching closely is biometrics and authentication. That’s mainly because of the below statement:

Real-time monitoring is part of the movement towards “Zero Trust” – trust no one and nothing, regardless of whe

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