Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Transparency

For most of the articles we write, we don’t consult with the companies beforehand. This helps keep things objective and saves us a great deal of time not having to do the whole “back and forth” thing with some public relations firm that’s getting paid good money while we do free work for them. Speaking directly to founders is almost […]

11 Startups Using AI to Compose Music

It’s a common and generally accepted misconception that artificial intelligence (AI) will only automate and revolutionize repetitive and menial jobs – like HR and recruiting. In our article “What Jobs will Robots and AI Do in The Future?”, we looked at some jobs that may already have casualties from the AI revolution. As we would expect, most […]

Watch for These 8 AI Startups Doing Computer Vision

We cover topics about artificial intelligence quite often on Nanalyze because it promises to be one of the most disruptive technologies in our lifetime. Some experts called futurists believe that the Singularity—the moment in time when machines will become exponentially smarter and more capable than humans, turning us into biological Duracell batteries a la The […]

Is Stitch Fix an Artificial Intelligence IPO?

While people have been falling all over themselves to talk about what’s under the hood of the Stitch Fix CEO, we’re more interested in what’s under the hood of a company that was featured in our recent article titled AI Becomes Fashionable with these 10 Startups. While there was lots of media coverage about the “artificial intelligence” component of Stitch […]

A Warning About “Artificial Intelligence Stocks”

We’ve been writing about emerging technology investing since 2004, and the one thing that grinds our gears more than anything else is to see well-intentioned investors get fleeced. Notice how we say investors, not speculators. As a speculator, you need no warnings because you approach everything as you would a roulette wheel. For investors though, […]

9 AgTech Startups Using AI to Grow Smarter

We won’t spend too much time belaboring some obvious points when it comes to feeding future Earth. Basically, we’re pretty well screwed. Estimates from just a few years ago said we would need to increase agricultural production by 70 percent to feed nine billion people. A more recent estimate says we can expect closer to […]

7 Artificial Intelligence Focused VC Funds

As responsible investors, we want to invest in proven companies and technologies that have put in some miles, while keeping one eye on what may be coming towards us on the road ahead. Plus, it’s just cool to see what’s happening at the forefront of any industry, even if most ideas (and more than a […]

8 Satellite Data Startups Doing Geospatial Analysis

The world is hungry for data. It feeds on information like a fat man at a Golden Corral’s all-you-can-eat buffet. It’s how we know whether to grab a coat in the morning before leaving the house. It dictates how we design highways and how we build relationships. Without big data, artificial intelligence would most likely […]