Artificial Intelligence

CrowdStrike Stock – What’s a Fair Valuation?

Bear markets should be celebrated as opportunities to purchase quality growth assets at a significant discount. It’s also a time when companies with subpar business models come under scrutiny. Selling promises of future growth becomes very difficult which is why special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) have come crumbling down with more than 40 of the […]

Watch for These 8 AI Startups Doing Computer Vision

We cover topics about artificial intelligence quite often on Nanalyze because it promises to be one of the most disruptive technologies in our lifetime. Some experts called futurists believe that the Singularity—the moment in time when machines will become exponentially smarter and more capable than humans, turning us into biological Duracell batteries a la The […]

Is Stitch Fix an Artificial Intelligence IPO?

While people have been falling all over themselves to talk about what’s under the hood of the Stitch Fix CEO, we’re more interested in what’s under the hood of a company that was featured in our recent article titled AI Becomes Fashionable with these 10 Startups. While there was lots of media coverage about the “artificial intelligence” component of Stitch […]

Callsign – Artificial Intelligence for Authentication

If you sit and think about it for a moment, a made up string of characters is the only thing keeping the world’s criminal population from commandeering all your assets. Every online account you have is secured by nothing but a string of characters that anyone can type in. To make matters even worse, you’re not […]

Zeta Global and AI Powered Email Marketing

No matter what your firm sells, you need to first qualify the customer who you’re trying to sell to. Take car salesman as an example. These people are largely a drain on our society, but even they know that the most important thing is finding out if you’re a serious buyer as quick as possible. […]

8 Mobile Security Startups Using Artificial Intelligence

If you are fortunate to work as a corporate slave, then you’re probably familiar with the acronym BYOD which stands for “Bring Your Own Device”. The idea was that since everyone was carrying around their personal smartphone and their work issued smartphone, why not just combine the two so that employees have a better experience? That’s the […]

10 AI Personal Finance Assistants Helping You Save

You got to have money to make money as the old saying goes. We recently looked at how the big robo advisors out there are offering a very low-fee way for you to invest in your future which everyone can access easily. Now what you need to do is start saving money so that you […]

9 Canadian AI Startups Making Canada Great Again

One could be forgiven for believing that there’s not much to Canada aside from hockey, beer, and accents straight out of the movie Fargo. After all, most of us of a certain generation learned everything we thought we’d ever need to know about America’s underpopulated neighbor to the north by watching Strange Brew. But during […]

4 AI Cybersecurity Startups Using Predictive Analytics

Another month and another worldwide cyberattack. The latest ransomware scourge appears to have used hacking tools developed by the friendly, if nosey, folks at the U.S. National Security Agency. This is far worse than when the malware from the porn site you’ve been streaming from floods your computer screen with clickbait ads. This time the […]

11 Examples of Grocery Store Technology

We’ve seen a lot of innovations over the course of the last decade but some industries are still largely behind the times, like insurance for example. Another “industry” that has seen relatively few advancements in the last few decades is the food retail industry or what we like to call “grocery”. By and large, the experience of shopping […]