3D Bioprinting

Organs-on-Chips: An Alternative to 3D Bioprinting?

While 3D Printing has attracted a great deal of attention from investors because of high growth projections, 3D Bioprinting has attracted investors because of its futuristic appeal. Some companies involved in 3D Bioprinting are raising eyebrows with their lofty ambitions, like private company Modern Meadow which is looking to 3D Print leather, or publicly traded […]

3D Bioprinting with Rainbow Coral Corp

Many disruptive technologies attract the attention of investors and consequently, many companies will seek to attach themselves to these technologies. In a previous article, we highlighted 6 over-the-counter companies which quickly latched onto “nanotechnology” when it became a hot topic in 2004-2005. An investor during this time who would have would have invested $5,000 in each of […]

EnvisionTEC sells 3D Bio-Printer under 200K

In earlier articles, we discussed 3D Bio-Printing technology company Organovo. What many Organovo investors might not know is that a little known German company, EnvisionTEC, is already selling a 3D Bio-Printer which has been sold commercially since 2001 and is currently installed in many research universities, labs, and hospitals worldwide. The price is just under 200,000 USD according to this […]