CollPlant Stock: Collagen, 3D Bioprinting, and BioInks

What attracts many new investors to the stock market is a really exciting story which involves the promise of future riches. Outside of pharmaceutical stocks, you rarely find companies worth billions without meaningful revenues. We say “meaningful” because sometimes a company will generate small amounts of revenues forever without actually doing squat. That’s why we only invest in companies with meaningful revenues. Just check out this 3D bioprinting company that’s been making promises for as long as we can remember.

Chart: Nanalyze – Data:

Why ARK Invest chooses to hold (checks Yahoo Finance) 8.52% of that company’s shares is beyond us. It shows that even sophisticated institutional investors are prone to chase stories as opposed to traction. Today, we’re going to talk about a 3D bioprinting company whose last four quarters of revenue (inconsistent as they were) exceeded 30 quarters’ worth of Organovo (ONVO) revenues.

CollPlant’s revenues – Credit: Yahoo Finance

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