Regenerative Medicine

Cellect Biotechnology Stock: Surviving, Not Thriving

Fear of missing out, FOMO, is the bane of every newbie investor who sees rapid short-term price appreciation as a good thing. When a stock doubles in a single trading session, that’s the type of volatility risk-averse investors try to avoid. It’s precisely why we don’t invest in drug developers – life sciences companies with […]

CollPlant Stock: Collagen, 3D Bioprinting, and BioInks

What attracts many new investors to the stock market is a really exciting story which involves the promise of future riches. Outside of pharmaceutical stocks, you rarely find companies worth billions without meaningful revenues. We say “meaningful” because sometimes a company will generate small amounts of revenues forever without actually doing squat. That’s why we […]

ACell’s Skin and Tissue Regeneration Technology

We’ve talked before about the many types of regenerative medicines under development by a multitude of companies. Investors are pouring money into a burgeoning field of life sciences called longevity of which regenerative medicine is a part of. From printing organs on demand to harvesting them from pigs, there are many promising regenerative medicine technologies […]

Mesoblast Stock Soars on Promise of Cellular Medicine

Longevity is potentially a trillion-dollar industry – until it isn’t, because we can’t keep the vulnerable safe from the latest pandemic. The Woohoo Flu has us distracted from the longevity thesis for a bit as the medical community scrambles to deal with something we can’t control. A lack of information and a fractured population means […]

Can Young Blood Transfusions Cure Age-Related Diseases?

History is full of little ironies, like the fact that ZZ Top band member Frank Beard was the guy without a hillbilly beard or that the owner of Segway died by riding a Segway off a cliff. Another little twist is that the modern-day concept of young blood transfusions – siphoning blood off from the […]

9 Regenerative Medicine Companies for Living Longer

The desire to extend lifespan is as old as human civilization. The concept of an “elixir of life” that could confer immortality appeared in the Indian Vedas before 1000 BCE (and perhaps much earlier), and the search for it consumed alchemists for centuries, from ancient China and India to Medieval Europe. Unfortunately, many of the […]

Regenerating Tissue with Tissue Regenix (LON:TRX)

In the past, we’ve discussed a number of startup 3D bioprinting companies that are looking to create human tissues using 3D bioprinting, though all are in the early stages of development. The only publicly traded company involved solely in 3D bioprinting, Organovo (ONVO), has seen their share price fall over -40% year-to-date even though they announced last week […]

Growing Windpipes with Harvard Apparatus (HARTV)

In previous posts we discussed companies such as Organovo and EnvisionTec which are developing 3D printers that one day are expected to 3D print human organs. This concept of growing organs is not only feasible through the use of 3D printers but also through bioreactor technology. A company focused on commercializing this type of technology […]

Skin Rejuvenation from Fibrocell (FCSC)

In an earlier post titled “A Strong Synthetic Biology IPO by Intrexon“, we discussed Intrexon’s business model of licensing their intellectual property to various companies through the use of “exclusive channel collaborations”. One of the companies licensing synthetic biology technology from Intrexon is Fibrocell, a company developing skin rejuvenation product candidates. About Fibrocell Founded in 1995, […]