Checking in With BICO Group Stock

March 16. 2022. 5 mins read

One benefit of investing in technology companies with conviction is that you don’t need to be checking stock prices every five minutes (though as humans, most of us will anyway). Investing in quality companies means you can often ignore them for years barring any major events that take place which merit vetting. We find that checking in with each of our holdings about once a year is a sufficient cadence. Today, we’re going to check in with a company we last wrote about just over a year ago in a piece titled “Taking a Second Look at 3D Bioprinting Stock CELLINK.”

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The first obvious change is that the company has been renamed from CELLINK to BICO GROUP (BICO.ST). That’s likely an attempt at making the company name reflect a broader focus as CELLINK is now referred to as “a BICO company.” Yes, it’s kind of annoying that they choose to capitalize both names, but we’re willing to look past that if revenue growth is there – and indeed it is. For 2021, BICO delivered organic growth of 44% compared to 2020. Below you can see revenue growth across quarters (because the company is growing so fast, that level of granularity is needed).

BICO Group's revenue gr

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