TransMedics Stock Comes Alive with Organ Transplant Tech

Ever since we awakened to the fact that death is inevitable, humans have been trying to find ways to live forever. Until recently, our options have been pretty limited. One could choose to believe in some sort of afterlife and wait out the inevitable with varying levels of equanimity, but many of us would probably opt for some version of the Fountain of Youth. These days the quest for longevity has been taken up by the good knights of Silicon Valley. From sucking the blood of the young to harvesting human organs from pigs, companies are pushing technology (and sometimes ethics) to find ways to extend human life. One of the riskiest but most exciting sectors to emerge is regenerative medicine, a catch-all term for therapies that regenerate cells, tissues, and organs.

Regenerative medicine companies, for the most part, are a pretty speculative lot, and it’s a long shot that any of them will be successful commercially. That’s been especially true for those focused on technologies for organ replacements. For example, we’ve been following a 3D bioprinting company called Organovo (ONVO) since 2014. The biotech, which someday hopes to print entire organs, had a whopping $1.4 million in revenue for all of 2022. And while xenotransplantation – specifically, harvesting organs from genetically modified pigs for human recipients – is showing remarkable progress, we’re stil

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