Taking a Second Look at 3D Bioprinting Stock CELLINK

January 21. 2021. 6 mins read

The fifth biggest country in Europe by area also happens to be both innovative and productive. The 2020 Innovation Index ranks Sweden as second in the world for innovation (trailing the Swiss), and her per capita gross national product (GNP) is among the highest in the world. Now the country that brought us the zipper, the adjustable wrench, and the pacemaker, is also bringing us 3D bioprinting.

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Back in April of 2019, we first wrote about A 3D Bioprinting Stock That’s Not Organovo and turned our readers on to an interesting Swedish firm called CELLINK (CLNK-B.ST). The company’s long-term strategy is to become a leading player that “satisfies the entire workflow and the entire value chain within bioprinting and single-cell analysis.” Their stated goal is to grow organically by at least 35% per year, and even more through acquisitions. Given what they’ve been able to accom

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