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Can Recurring Revenues Turn Trimble Into a Growth Stock?
July 15. 2024. 6 mins read

Last year, we took a look at IBM’s pivot to act more like a high-growth tech stock. The 113-year-old company is attempting to turn back the clock and become a dominant, disruptive force in cloud computing, mainly through its $34 billion acquisition of Red Hat. Along the way, it has shed unprofitable businesses to become […]

Last year, we took a look at IBM’s pivot to act more like a high-growth...

Checking in With Seven Gene Editing Stocks
July 8. 2024. 7 mins read

The toughest animals in the world are tardigrades. They’re found everywhere and can prosper in...

When Will Robotaxis Rule the Road?
July 6. 2024. 7 mins read

Last month, we ran down the list of computer vision stocks that could be worth...

Are Any Of These Computer Vision Stocks Worth Owning?
June 30. 2024. 7 mins read

A few weeks ago, we posted a video about Recursion, an AI drug discovery stock...

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Making American Steel Great Again
July 14. 2024. 1 min read

Nucor stock is seeing some tailwinds from the recent infrastructure bill in the United States....

Can Zoom Stock Hit $1,500? ARK Thinks So
July 13. 2024. 1 min read

Back in 2022, ARK predicted that $ZM stock would reach $1,500 per share in 2026....

Are You Holding the Right Stock?
July 10. 2024. 12 mins read

Gene editing stocks have been seeing a lot of volatility lately as the first $2...

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6 Nuclear Energy Companies Building Molten Salt Reactors
October 23. 2015. 3 mins read

According to the World Nuclear Association, electricity demand almost doubled from 1990 to 2011, and...

Cadence Stock vs Synopsys Stock: The Winner Is?
May 28. 2023. 6 mins read

Diversification sometimes makes decisions more difficult. If you have two companies that are of the...

10 Virtual Reality Applications for Mental Health
April 10. 2019. 8 mins read

In yesterday’s article, we talked about how virtual reality (VR) simulations can be effective in helping surgeons...