Electric Vehicles

Can Plug Power Finally Establish a Viable Business?

The nice thing about checking in with a stock once a year is that you’ll have completely forgotten what conclusions you arrived at last time. It’s like you’re looking at the stock for the very first time, and fresh eyes always uncover new things to like or dislike. Today, we’re going to start by completely […]

Is the Green Hydrogen Economy a Pipe Dream?

Green technologies can be difficult to navigate because of their political nature. As investors, we need to take off our ethnocentric goggles and examine economic viability objectively. For example, we use Lazard’s levelized cost of energy (LCOE) to evaluate whether green energy sources perform better than their “dirty” counterparts. Our investment in the world’s largest […]

The Probability of Tesla Going Bankrupt

Never take advice from someone who doesn’t have to live with the consequences. With every other media outlet talking about Tesla (TSLA) blowing up, that’s precisely why it’s worth taking a closer look at the value on offer. Properly assessing the risks associated with a stock requires one to leave ethnocentric political beliefs and the […]

Aptera Stock: Are Solar Cars Finally Here?

Our paying subscribers make every word we type possible. In an era where great customer service has gone the way of the dodo, we believe it’s time to double down on accessibility and responsiveness. Anyone who pays our bills is a client, and consequently has access to our brightest – and sometimes sober – minds […]

Atlis Motor Vehicles Stock: An EV Long Shot

Term Sheet, a newsletter from Fortune, was all up in arms yesterday morning about the ARK Venture Fund – “making this available to retail investors is a horrible idea.” What about all the other horrible ideas out there such as penny stocks, regulation A+ IPOs, SPACs, cryptocurrencies, ICOs, NFTs, crowdfunding ventures, and all the other […]

Wolfspeed Stock: A Bet on Electric Vehicles and More

Here’s a fun exercise. Take the latest investor deck available for any given company and see if you can understand their value proposition and potential opportunity by reading the deck from end to end. If you can, the investor relations team did their job properly. Less is more, and the ideal deck doesn’t drown the […]

Can eVTOLs be Cost Competitive with Cars?

In the latest burst of indignant outrage that passes for news these days, a bunch of media outlets (of sorts) including Rolling Stone (huh?) jumped on a report by some obscure market data analytics company called Yard about the excessive use of private jets by celebrities. There were lots of statistics about carbon emissions, along […]

ChargePoint Stock: How Profitable is EV Charging?

Our recent piece on finding the next Tesla proposed that autonomy may be the thesis we ought to be looking at as opposed to electrification. Investing in automakers isn’t something we’re keen on unless they’re pure plays on electric, and even then, we’re not convinced we’ll see another Tesla-like success story from all the EV […]

Is Polestar Stock the Best Pure-Play EV Stock Out There?

We recently took a deep dive into why trying to find the next Tesla is mostly a fool’s errand. The super short version is that it’s highly unlikely that a pure-play electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer can replicate Elon Musk’s success – and luck. At one point, Musk revealed, Tesla was only about a month away […]

Is Searching for “The Next Tesla” Pointless?

People have been trying to find the next Microsoft ever since Bill Gates became the richest man on the planet in 1995. Now, they’re looking for the next Tesla as Elon Musk sits atop the list of the world’s wealthiest people. Moving to America and founding a successful company does wonders for your wealth, and […]