Is Infineon Better than Wolfspeed for EV Chip Exposure?

April 22. 2024. 8 mins read

We recently released our revamped Nanalyze Disruptive Tech Report that is only available to annual subscribers. It is now leaner but meatier, grouped by technology themes under each of the 12 tech categories – like Electric Vehicles under Green Technology. In theory, that should make it easier for retail investors to find succinct analyses on their favorite tech themes. This works pretty well when we cover pure-play stocks but can get a bit messier when we consider pick-and-shovel plays on a theme. 

An example that is especially pertinent to today’s article is a company we recently covered – Wolfspeed (WOLF). The Durham, North Carolina company specializes in manufacturing semiconductors using silicon carbide (SiC), a material especially suited for applications that require higher efficiency and power density chips such as electric vehicles (EVs). Wolfspeed sounds like a company we would normally cover under Computing or Artificial Intelligence, yet our interest in WOLF stock is actually as a green tech stock. Huh?

Investing in EV Chips

The writing is on the roadway: Electric vehicles are the future, even if that road is a little bumpy right now, especially after Tesla (TSLA) just announced it would cut 10% of its workforce amid slumping sales. Its biggest competitor, China’s BYD (1211.HK), is in some ways a more compelling long-term investment in the EV theme, with added exposure to emerging markets and the world’s second-largest economy. While both of these EV companies are compelling, there’s also another angle to take here – chi

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