Genome Sequencing

What’s Up With Illumina’s Acquisition of GRAIL?

If you want to land a job at a top investment bank, there’s an expectation that you’ve read certain material. Even though prop trading desks have gone the way of the dodo, books like Liar’s Poker and Reminiscences of a Stock Operator are must-reads. So is the 592-page monster, Barbarians at the Gate, a glimpse […]

Oxford Nanopore Stock: The Internet of Living Things

If you took all the stocks in the world and put them in a single basket, about 58% of that combined market cap would be U.S. stocks. If you want to look that number up, just download a fact sheet for the MSCI ACWI IMI Index. All those cryptic acronyms mean that the index includes […]

8 Whole Genome Sequencing Companies for Precision Health

Earlier this year, we picked apart the 23andMe stock offering for genetic testing. The financial picture looked stagnant, with 23andMe (ME) trying to build interest in the company’s FDA-authorized health insights and a subscription service that provides access to additional reports as they become available. As we noted in the article, the company’s most valuable […]

Why is Illumina’s Stock Price Falling?

Fewer than half of Americans own a passport. Some say that’s because their own backyard is such a big one. The half of our audience that hails from there may not be aware of what’s happening with global travel because they’re blissfully watching the stock market soar inexplicably. According to the World Tourism Barometer, international […]

A Blood Test That Uses Next-Generation Sequencing

If you arrived at this story wondering if someone had found a new way to detect the coronavirus, we’re sorry to disappoint you. This article has no direct connection to the pandemic that is emptying your 401K and threatening the lives of your grandparents, except that we will be talking about viruses, bacteria, and other […]

The 10X Genomics IPO and Single-Cell Sequencing

Over the last few weeks, pundits have been tearing apart the WeWork Initial Public Offering (IPO), and uncovering all kinds of things to write about. It’s a company that’s raised some eyebrows because of their burn rate (between $150 – 200 million a month) and the company’s vague business model which some have described as […]

The World’s Biggest Database of Pathogens

We make no secret of the fact that many of our MBAs love to travel to faraway places, trying to rid themselves of ethnocentric bias, and trying to uncover cultural stereotypes we can use to take the piss out of countries in our “Top AI Startups in Country X” articles every chance we get. If you’re a […]

Bionano Genomics Stock on Offer in IPO

If you’ve been an Illumina (ILMN) investor for a while, you have to be stoked about how well your investment has performed. This is a company that has an 80% market share selling machines that are the “picks and shovels” of the growing genomics market. More than half of the company’s revenues come from “consumables”, in other […]

Oxford Nanopore Sequencing vs. Illumina

If you are lucky enough to have spent upwards of six figures on your MBA, you may be tempted to think that it was a waste of money now that the robots are in the process of devouring just about every job there is. That’s just not the case though. MBAs happen to be equipped with some very […]

Does Full Genome Sequencing Really Cost $1,000 Now?

We saw in the news a few weeks ago that Veritas Genetics is offering “the world’s first whole genome sequence for less than $1,000, including interpretation and genetic counseling”. At a price of $999, it’s pretty much the $1,000 full genome sequencing service everyone has been waiting for. When we first read this news we […]