Sports Technology

ARX – What a $40,000 Weightlifting Machine Looks Like

For gym owners, the best members are the ones who don’t show up. And plenty don’t. In a world that’s swimming in big data, there are many interesting insights to be had about people’s gym habits. For example, analysts at Foursquare have identified “Fall Off the Wagon Day,” the day when an uptick in weekly […]

Will RFID Golf Balls Ever Fly on Golf Courses?

Part of our daily job is to go through the hundreds of emails we receive. Most are the usual “what can you do for my client” rubbish, but a small number of them are extremely interesting – like the schizophrenics. Also falling into the interesting bucket are emails from people who have an amazing idea that just […]

The Best All-In-One Weight Lifting Machine

If you’re the type of person who showers before you go to work instead of after, then you most likely pursue some form of exercise in your leisure time so you don’t start looking like the 30% of Americans who are obese. For most people, the main goal of going to the gym is to “not get […]

11 Smart Shoes That Are Digitally Connected

It looks like we’re getting closer to a world like the one portrayed in Back to the Future with smart homes, smart luggage, and smart sports stadiums all becoming a reality. Now, one of the latest fads from the future is smart shoes – the type integrated with high-tech features, not the type you wear to those insufferable workplace “black […]

11 Startups Weaving Smart Clothes for Athletes

While market size estimates are largely as useless as some of the MBAs that produce them, there seems to be a general consensus that the global apparel market is worth about $3 trillion. This means that if the fashion industry was a country, it would rank #10 in terms of GDP globally, even above the UK. […]

8 eSports Startups Streaming and Dealing the Action

We must admit that we’re not the biggest sports fans. Sure, we’ll meet up with some buddies at the baseball stadium, if we can score the cheap seats, to drink overpriced beer and occasionally watch a play or two—mostly to ensure we don’t get beaned by a foul ball. Superbowl Party? We’re there. Again, mostly […]

The Razer IPO – A Pure Play Stock for eSports?

It’s hard to believe that there’s not a correlation between the extent to which you fascinated over science fiction books at the library growing up (it used to be this place where you could rent books), and the likelihood you gravitated towards a career in tech like it was the only obvious option – then […]

7 Sports Technology Companies for Sports Analytics

Sports is big business, which means athletes are always looking for an edge. Sometimes they go about it in, shall we say, less than honest ways. After all, you have to be pretty desperate to win if you’re using needles and you’re not even getting a good buzz out of it. Even the world’s best […]