Cancer Blood Tests

The Biggest Liquid Biopsy Company Files for IPO

We’re not sure about other countries out there, but here in ‘Murica “curing cancer” is kind of a big deal. Everyone seems to think that there’s some magical potion that cures cancer. Some people think the “cure for cancer” is being hidden by “big pharma” so they can make billions of dollars on cancer treatments. […]

Early Detection of Breast Cancer Cures Breast Cancer

There’s an overused phrase that’s been thrown around for decades and has now lost its meaning – “the cure for cancer“. That’s because nobody can agree on what that actually means. On one side, you have people who suggest that a cure for cancer has existed all along, but big pharma keeps it under the sheets […]

Are Veritone and ITUS Corp. AI Pump and Dumps?

All of you old school tech investors out there will remember the boom in “nanotechnology stocks” that took place around 2003 when G. Dubya announced the 21st Century Nanotechnology Research and Development Act. People started flocking to Nanalyze to figure out which “nano stocks” to invest in, and we coined the phrase “nano in the name” […]

Angle – A Liquid Biopsy Stock on Sale After Brexit

Everyone’s probably had a chance to digest the recent black swan event which saw Britain leave the EU and while that may have rocked world markets, it also makes UK assets more affordable due to the falling pound. We’ve talked before about liquid biopsy cancer tests which are essentially just ways to detect cancer in blood […]

Is HealthTell Just More Bad News for Theranos?

Less than a year ago, we wrote an article about Theranos titled “5 Reasons Why Theranos Could IPO Soon“. One of those reasons was that since it had been over 5 years since taking in their last funding round, firms who had invested $800 million into the most highly valued healthcare startup in the world valued […]

8 Companies Developing Liquid Biopsy Cancer Tests

Cancer blood tests, or “liquid biopsies” as they are called, promise to be a huge niche in molecular diagnostics (MDx). Cowen & Co estimates that using DNA blood tests for cancer screening will be a $10 billion a year market in just 4 years. Illumina just announced that they are developing a universal blood test to identify early-stage cancers in people […]

BioMark Diagnostics Looks At Early Cancer Detection

Cancer detection through blood tests is a cost-effective and convenient way to diagnose and treat cancers as opposed to more expensive and cumbersome ways to test for cancer such as biopsies. At an economical price point, cancer blood tests could even be used as preventative measures to catch cancer earlier and increase life expectancy. One […]

Colon Cancer Blood Tests from VolitionRx

In past articles, we have been very critical of “over the counter” OTC stocks and with good reason. Most OTC stocks end up losing investors’ money while the management teams of these companies emerge unscathed to move on to their next venture. In some rare cases, an OTC company is actually successful in “uplisting” to […]

Investing in CTC Testing with Biocept

In previous articles, we discussed such companies as Apocell and Raindance Technologies that are developing blood tests that can detect cancer by looking for circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in the blood. These tests could be used in the initial prognosis of cancer as well as frequently throughout treatment, for example, to see how well a […]