Industrial Robots

20 Japanese Stocks Involved in Robotics

Robotics remains a hot topic with +46% compound annual growth rate forecasted until 2021 by Research and Markets. Those growth forecasts are about as accurate and useful as tarot cards, but nobody doubts there’s money to be made here. The market has reached a turning point where the non-industrial segment is taking over the playing field, […]

Automate Nearly Anything with Universal Robots

While some would argue that the Washington Post has largely become a factory for politically motivated fluff pieces, yesterday there was actually an insightful article about how robotics are taking factory jobs in America that just can’t be filled. This is a drastically different story than what we’ve been told about robots stealing jobs from […]

inVia Robotics – Plug-and-Play Warehouse Robotics

We’re not quite sure where the nerd gene comes from but all of us here at Nanalyze have it. When the topic comes up of industrial robots that can be trained to do stuff like run around warehouses picking up packages and delivering them, we immediately start to get all warm and fuzzy inside. Here’s a test […]

9 Industrial Robots for Your Warehouse

Robotic lawnmowers and vacuum cleaners make great feature stories for your local nightly news but they’re hardly what investors are thinking of when they look for truly disruptive applications of robotics to invest in. The usefulness of robots and the transformation that the 4th Industrial Revolution will bring about can be described in three steps: Replacing people in low […]

3 U.S. Stocks for Investing in Industrial Robotics

In a recent article, we waxed poetic about the potential of industrial robotics for good reason. With an estimated +15% annual growth in industrial robot supply forecasted for the next few years, and a 37% majority share of industrial robotics in the global robo tech market projected until 2025, getting retail exposure to this piece of the […]

Investing in Industrial Robots for Retail Investors

The emergence of artificial intelligence, improved battery technology, and better materials mean that now robots are being put to use in everything from fast food service to teaching yoga. While all that makes for some tantalizing nightly news spots, investors are starting to think about how lucrative this space might be. Areas like robotic surgery have shown […]