Bright Machines Stock for Software-Defined Manufacturing

Traditional industrial robots do one job really well but with little or no flexibility to do anything else – sort of like game show hosts. The name of the game today is automation, and the combination of technologies like artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, sensors, and the Internet of Things, among others, is accelerating the Fourth Industrial Revolution. A couple of months ago, we profiled 5 Robotic Manufacturing Companies for Smart Factories. These startups emphasize software over hardware, generally employing machine learning algorithms that help robots adapt to different manufacturing tasks. One company that has capitalized on this concept of software-defined manufacturing is Bright Machines. 

About Bright Machines

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Founded in 2018, Bright Machines raised $179 million right out of the gate that same year. We profiled the San Francisco startup in 2020 and were impressed by the technology and value proposition. Bright Machines has developed machine-learning algorithms that drive modular microfactories for

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