AutoStore Stock: A Warehouse Automation Pure Play

In today’s world of 8-second attention spans, it’s hard to convince people that becoming wealthy is about time in the market, not timing the market. That’s why we developed our own risk-averse tech investing strategy where we hunt out leaders and ideally hold them for a decade to let all that delicious alpha mature – like a fine bottle of Opus One. The process goes something like this:

  • Find large blue ocean total addressable market (TAM) opportunity
  • Identify leader of the pack
  • Accumulate stock using dollar-cost-averaging and buy dips
  • Hold the stock until
    • Thesis changes (company has problems)
    • Corporate event happens (i.e. an acquisition)
    • Something better comes along

That last bullet point is a tricky one. Our recent sale of Blue Prism and purchase of UiPath (PATH) is an example of moving from one RPA stock to a better RPA stock. Though these two events were unrelated, our perception of Blue Prism changed entirely when a leader –

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