A List of 14 Promising Robotics Companies

When 95% of active managers can’t beat a broad market benchmark, claiming you can is rather pointless. Instead, it’s better to show investors how to fish. Investing is about doing enough due diligence to make a decision with conviction, but not so much that you approach analysis paralysis. Today, we’re going to start down the path of finding a suitable replacement for our “robotics” holding, Teradyne (TER). (To understand why we’re looking to exit Teradyne, see last week’s piece on Teradyne Stock: Where’s the Robotics Exposure?)

The Two Biggest Robotics ETFs

It’s coming up on five years since we wrote about Two ETFs for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, both of which were less than impressive at the time. That opinion still holds true today. While both ETFs have over $1 billion in assets under management (AUM), both have seen AUM decline by more than a third over the past five years.

The 2 ETFs for Artificial intelligence and robotics
Credit: VettaFi

That decline could be the competition coming from ARK Invest, or it could be investors looking elsewhere for alpha. Performance has been subpar with ROBO and BOTZ returning +21% and

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