5 International Mid-Cap Robotics Stocks

April 17. 2023. 6 mins read

Nobody does automation like the Japanese. From robots delivering food in popular chain restaurants to thermostats that will draw you a bath and tell you when it’s ready, the country is light years ahead of most. In many cases, Japanese automation addresses specific cultural use cases that just haven’t caught on abroad. Similarly, cultural differences in how companies operate mean that investing in Japanese companies as a foreigner isn’t easy.

In our recent piece on three of the largest industrial robotics companies out there, we shortlisted FANUC (6954.T) as a company of interest noting its profile more resembles value than growth. That leaves us with eleven names from our list of 14 promising robotics companies, five of which are Japanese firms that fall outside the scope of what we’re looking for. If we want Japanese robotics exposure, we’ll invest in FANUC. That leaves us with the six international firms seen below.

 TickerMarket Cap
(USD billions)
Tecan GroupTECN.SW5.7Switzerland
Renishaw PLCRSW.L3.4United Kingdom
John Bean TechJBT3.4

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