Is Wolfspeed Stock the Best Investment for EV Chips? 

February 6. 2024. 9 mins read

We’re supposed to be living in the golden age of green technology and … Wait a minute! We just used that intro in our article on EnerSys, an energy storage company that specializes in innovative lead-acid battery technology. The lead paragraph of that story alluded to the ongoing weakness in the green tech sector, particularly for solar companies, which puts pressure on adjacent industries like energy storage. 

However, EnerSys stock (ENS) has been trending up for a while. Investors appear bullish based on the company’s strategy to develop and adopt advanced battery technologies like lithium-ion. The pivot away from older tech is causing some short-term pain as it shutters facilities and shifts production, but revenues are steady even while gross margins are temporarily taking a hit. The company’s diversification across different markets is another selling point, even as it starts to lean more heavily into green tech applications such as electric vehicles. Our biggest concern is that EnerSys plans to rely heavily on government tax breaks and subsidies to execute parts of its business strategy.

Is Wolfspeed Stock the Same Old Story?

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This is pretty much the same story we’re about to tell you about Wolfspeed (WOLF), a heavy metal band semiconductor manufacturer that specializes in wafers made from silicon c

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