Is Ehang IPO the Best Bet for Urban Air Mobility?

Remember Taxi Magic? No, it’s not a strain of cannabis. (You’re probably thinking of Somali Taxi Ride, which itself sounds like a questionable sex act that shouldn’t cost you more than a fiver.) Taxi Magic was an app that allowed you to hail a taxi on demand. That was back in 2008, about a year […]

Can Flying Delivery Drones Deliver the Goods?

One of the challenges involved in writing about emerging technologies for investment opportunities is that, well, you’re waiting for the technology to emerge at a stage where it is viable, scalable, and profitable. In the case of flying delivery drones, the issue is compounded by regulatory issues in the United States of operating aircraft – […]

11 Agriculture Imaging Solutions for Crops

The Landsat program is a joint NASA/USGS program that provides the longest continuous space-based record of Earth’s land in existence since its launch back in 1972. Forty-seven years later, human beings have found countless applications for satellite imaging technology from a global air traffic control system to global Internet for the masses. You can now use […]

10 AgTech Startups for Agriculture in Africa

Brunch has become one of those pretentious, First World affectations that make us want to move to a deserted atoll in the Marshall Islands and eat coconut crabs all day. The most offensive part of this trendy ritual is the even trendier avocado toast. It’s an avocado spread on bread that has been toasted. That’s […]

What Military Robots of the Future Will Look Like

The notion of alpha male dominance is as old as life itself. Most of the time when two males establish dominance, they don’t fight to the mortal end. What typically happens is that they’ll start by attempting to intimidate the other party into backing down. If that fails, they’ll scrap a bit until the loser […]

A Stock for Underwater Robots, Spacesuits and Dark Rides

We often refer to the concept of “pure play” at Nanalyze when talking about investing in certain technologies. It simply means that we’re looking to bet on a company with a core product or service in one of the categories of emerging technologies that we cover like robotics or artificial intelligence. Pure plays are hard […]

Robot Lifeguards and Drones That Spot Sharks

If you’re toning your summer bod with the expectation that you’ll be in the company of lifeguards who look like David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson, then you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Truth is, beaches and pools nowadays are dominated by senior citizen lifeguards – people aged 55 and up – because this job is no […]

6 Startups Building Underwater Drones

Remember when that kid fell down the well back in the late 1980s? We were well into the 24-hour news era (CNN went live in 1980) but still far from the days of social media and the interwebs when we can pretty much get on-demand information. Today’s version of the “kid in a well” story […]

Robot Security Guards from Knightscope

We first covered Knightscope and its robot security guards in our article on “7 Security Robots “Complementing” Security Guards” late last year. These autonomous Daleks are set to disrupt the $34 billion US security services industry, and with the ongoing wage issues and unionization of security guards, the time is ripe for technology to “help out”. Since Knightscope has released its […]

14 Anti Drone Technology Startups to Watch

Anti-drone technology is becoming a hot topic these days. As drones are becoming more affordable and widespread, there is an increased risk of them being put to use in sinister use cases – like this one: Then you have regular consumers to worry about as well. When millennials can’t even understand how interest rates work, how can they be […]