Fuel Cells

Can Plug Power Finally Establish a Viable Business?

The nice thing about checking in with a stock once a year is that you’ll have completely forgotten what conclusions you arrived at last time. It’s like you’re looking at the stock for the very first time, and fresh eyes always uncover new things to like or dislike. Today, we’re going to start by completely […]

Is the Green Hydrogen Economy a Pipe Dream?

Green technologies can be difficult to navigate because of their political nature. As investors, we need to take off our ethnocentric goggles and examine economic viability objectively. For example, we use Lazard’s levelized cost of energy (LCOE) to evaluate whether green energy sources perform better than their “dirty” counterparts. Our investment in the world’s largest […]

Plug Power Stock: Why We’re Not Buying It

Investing in a stock without knowing what the company does is a mistake made by newbies and experienced investors alike. Whether you’re investing in stories or chasing performance, it’s important to look under the hood of every stock you invest in to understand the risks involved. Stocks that are constantly being hyped by the Reddit […]

Three Fuel Cell ETFs for the Hydrogen Economy

The efficient market hypothesis states that all available information is priced into the market. If new information becomes available, stock prices will react accordingly, sometimes in a dramatic fashion. This often happens when companies meet or fail to meet guidance. Trading on information before it becomes available – insider trading – is illegal. Therefore, stocks […]

Meet the Companies Doing Energy Storage for Space Travel

It seems everyone is chasing Elon Musk’s dream of electric vehicles in every garage, even as investors bet against the success of Tesla (TSLA) through short selling its stock. A big part of Musk’s strategy seems predicated on taking control of key parts of his supply chain, with energy storage obviously playing an outsized role. […]

All About Nikola Motor Company’s Stock Offering

In our recent guide to investing in fuel cell stocks, we reflected on how the hydrogen economy hasn’t quite matured and – according to Elon Musk – shouldn’t ever mature. Battery-powered vehicles seem to be working out just fine, so why reinvent the wheel? At least one company disagrees with Mr. Musk. Nikola Motor Company […]

A Guide to Investing in Fuel Cell Stocks

We recently published a piece on how hydrogen fuel cells might be used to power drones that carry humans, leading one of our readers to remark, “not the ‘hydrogen economy’ again!” We share those sentiments, having watched fuel cell technology take off at a crawl with no widespread adoption apparent. While fuel cells are being […]

Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Urban Air Mobility

We recently profiled a startup that is developing a flying motorcycle to go along with a jetpack that it designed and built a few years ago. JetPack Aviation is one of a growing number of companies trying to help launch what’s become known as the urban air mobility industry. The idea is that swarms of […]

Bloom Energy Stock on Offer in a Planned IPO

For whatever reason, people seem to be extremely interested in Bloom Energy’s value proposition – large scale fuel cells called “Bloom Energy Servers” that turn natural gas into electricity at a cheaper cost than market rates. While fuel cells are commonly thought of for use cases like propelling vehicles or powering smartphones, Bloom Energy appears to have successfully […]

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles Still Have Miles to Go

Right after personal jetpacks, we were promised hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The future has been slow to meet either promise, but it appears that may soon change regarding the latter. At least three of the major automobile manufacturers – Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai – have or soon will be selling hydrogen fuel vehicles commercially. Toyota […]