Security Drones

Knightscope Stock: The Symbol You’re Looking For is KSCP

Imagine living in a country where organized groups of thieves commit robberies with impunity, dashing into stores wheeling guns and crowbars, threatening customers, and making off with cartloads of loot. If you think such brazen lawlessness only occurs in third-world countries, think again. We did a double take after seeing the below article from Bloomberg […]

Skydio Drone Sells ‘True Autonomy’ for Civilian Use Cases

What a difference a year makes. In 2019, drone startups raised a record $1.2 billion in funding, according to Drone Industry Insights. It’s a different story in 2020: Through mid-August, only about $240 million in disclosed capital has flowed into private companies, based on public data. It seems the investment side of the industry has […]

What Military Robots of the Future Will Look Like

The notion of alpha male dominance is as old as life itself. Most of the time when two males establish dominance, they don’t fight to the mortal end. What typically happens is that they’ll start by attempting to intimidate the other party into backing down. If that fails, they’ll scrap a bit until the loser […]

Robot Security Guards from Knightscope

We first covered Knightscope and its robot security guards in our article on “7 Security Robots “Complementing” Security Guards” late last year. These autonomous Daleks are set to disrupt the $34 billion US security services industry, and with the ongoing wage issues and unionization of security guards, the time is ripe for technology to “help out”. Since Knightscope has released its […]

6 AI Startups Doing Physical Security

Last year, a BBC journalist put China’s massive surveillance camera system to the test. The country has about 175 million cameras, powered with artificial intelligence technologies like computer vision that can recognize faces and keep an eye on activity. Once the journalist’s photo was uploaded to the system, it took authorities about seven minutes to […]

7 Security Robots “Complementing” Security Guards

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, a security guard’s job is to “guard, patrol, or monitor premises to prevent theft, violence, or infractions of rules” and there are 1.1 million people employed in this capacity through the United States at a mean annual wage of $29,730. Back of the napkin math tells us […]

Airobotics – Industrial Drones Powered by Robots

In a recent article, we talked about what it would take to develop a security drone. A key component of building a security drone that can provide round-the-clock surveillance is the ability for drone battery swapping to take place “on the fly” such that the drone can fly almost continuously without human intervention. Most applications […]

How to Build Security Drones

Technology advances in electronics, lithium batteries, materials, and video miniaturization have led to the consumer drone boom which has largely been driven so far by the $10 billion startup company, DJI Innovations, which is now the largest player in this space. The drop in consumer drone prices has created an entire new niche of hobbyists, with the […]