Water Technology

11 Smart Water Technology Startups for Smart Cities

About one in three people on the planet currently lack access to safe drinking water, according to the World Health Organization. You might recall that Cape Town nearly ran out of freshwater last year, and cities from Tokyo to London could also face water shortages in the next few decades. You’re probably thinking that the […]

Investing in Smart Water Technology with Xylem

We recently marveled at the rapid growth of an Internet of Things (IoT) startup called Samsara that went from $0 to $6.3 billion in valuation in just four years, quickly dominating sectors like fleet management and industrial automation. Of course, we live in a fantasy startup world where herds of billion-dollar unicorns roam wild, consuming […]

A Caribbean Desalination Stock to Invest In

Water is one of the most important prerequisites for life. It can’t be created nor destroyed, but it can be damaged or unusable to begin with. While the Earth has lots of water, only 2.5% is freshwater that we can use for drinking. Around 70% of that freshwater is contained in glaciers, ice, and snow, so this leaves […]

How to Invest in Water Infrastructure with WTR

While artificial intelligence may be the new electricity, water is the new gold. The investment thesis is simple. How can we invest in water infrastructure before the water crisis happens? Some say it’s already here. Esquire put out a great piece of journalism a few days ago titled The Water Crises Aren’t Coming—They’re Here which […]

7 Water Tech Startups Helping Keep You Alive

They say a man can’t live on beer alone. Technically, one could survive for a few weeks before succumbing from dehydration through the diuretic effect. Add water to your diet and you can definitely make it through Lent, as the monks of old would do, before scurvy killed you. Our point is that water is […]

One Desalination Stock to Invest In

Where Are All the Desalination Stocks? When we first wrote about investing in desalination, we didn’t know that it would turn out to be one of our most popular articles over time. As it turns out, there are quite a few investors out there who are interested in desalination investing. Unfortunately, there aren’t really any […]

A Way for Californians to Invest in Solar Desalination

One of our most popular articles so far this year has been “How to Invest in Desalination“, mainly we believe, because so many people are looking for ways to invest in desalination since there are very few pure-play opportunities available. There is one way, however, for Californians to invest in solar desalination, and the 22% […]

Portable Desalination Plants from Modern Water

With water being an essential commodity and water shortages being discussed regularly on the news, investors are thinking ahead and looking for ways to invest in a technology that will allow us access to the 97.5% of water on this planet that contains salt. However pure-play desalination stocks are not so easy to come by. […]

The Most Popular Way to Invest in U.S. Water Stocks

Water as an investment attracts two types of investors who are distinctly different. The first type are income investors, perhaps retirees, who see the safety and dependability of a steady growing dividend as a protection against inflation. Many utilities along with water utilities provide this safety. The second type of investor is someone who is […]