How to Invest in Water Infrastructure with WTR

September 1. 2018. 5 mins read

While artificial intelligence may be the new electricity, water is the new gold. The investment thesis is simple. How can we invest in water infrastructure before the water crisis happens? Some say it’s already here. Esquire put out a great piece of journalism a few days ago titled The Water Crises Aren’t Coming—They’re Here which nearly managed to avoid politics (incredibly rare in ‘Murica these days) and also managed to put out some astounding facts.

Maybe you’ve never thought about it, but the amount of water on earth has always been exactly the same. It’s not evenly dispersed though. Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Peru, Indonesia, and Russia have about 40% of the world’s water. We’re talking about fresh water here, something that comprises only 3% of the world’s water with the rest being contaminated with salt. Two-thirds of fresh water is actually frozen at the moment. Americans use about 80-100 gallons per day, while in actuality all you need to survive on is about a half-gallon per day. (In the United States, less than 1% of municipal water is used for human consumption. The rest is used for things like bathing, watering gardens, cleaning, and cooking.) People on this planet won’t die from a lack of water, but they will die from drinking bad water.

The obvious solution to the water shortage problem is desalination, something we’ve touched on in past articles. The technology is expensive though, and for retail investors, there

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