Investing in Smart Water Technology with Xylem

We recently marveled at the rapid growth of an Internet of Things (IoT) startup called Samsara that went from $0 to $6.3 billion in valuation in just four years, quickly dominating sectors like fleet management and industrial automation. Of course, we live in a fantasy startup world where herds of billion-dollar unicorns roam wild, consuming capital, and leaving fairy-dusted turds in their wake. The quest for profit is more elusive than the Holy Grail for companies like Uber (UBER) and WeWork. That’s why we always preach about Dividend Growth Investing (DGI), a simple strategy of putting your money into companies that have a long history of paying and increasing dividends every year. We introduced you to a water infrastructure superstar, Aqua America (WTR), last year. Now we want to talk about Xylem (XYL), a publicly traded company that is rapidly expanding its footprint into smart water technology across the globe.

What is Smart W

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