Venture Capital

Four UK Venture Capital Stocks to Consider

Every investor needs to take a holistic look at their total assets under management (AUM) when considering what risks they’re taking. For example, we focus largely on tech stocks here at Nanalyze, but the majority of our money (about 60%) is in a dividend growth investing strategy – Quantigence – which is largely rules based […]

Reviewing the ARK Venture Fund Portfolio

Our recent piece on a blockchain-powered VC fund talked about how investing in startups provides exposure that’s not correlated to the movements of the broader stock market. Venture capital as an alternative asset class provides portfolio diversification which reduces risk. For retail investors, that’s been rather problematic because venture funds don’t just take investments from whoever knocks […]

A Review of Netcapital and a Look at [REDACTED]

On June 6, 2021, we published a factual article titled A Review of Netcapital and a Look at [REDACTED] in which we expressed our concerns about the Netcapital equity crowdfunding platform and a company it hosts, [REDACTED]. As risk averse investors, we do not believe equity crowdfunding benefits investors on any platform. Here are some […]

A Stock Exchange For Private Companies

Is there anything more depressing than your side project’s domain name coming up for renewal? It’s then you realize – for yet another year – that all you’ve really accomplished was buying a $12 domain from GoDaddy. We’ve all been there. For most people, that will be the extent of their foray into entrepreneurship. Those […]

Investing in SpaceX with Baillie Gifford US Growth Trust

People who start with nothing and manage to accumulate large sums of wealth usually share a few common characteristics. They don’t talk about how much money they have, they understand the notion of value for money, and they realize that most financial “advice” that’s given by mainstream pundits is a bunch of malarkey. It doesn’t […]

Is IP Group Stock Something We Want to Invest In?

There’s a recent debate going on about whether or not people who have a PhD ought to put prefix their name with “Dr.” or not. It’s a debate that’s been had plenty of times before. When the flight attendant asks if there’s a doctor on board, don’t use the credentials unless you’re comfortable raising your […]

Draper Esprit – A Publicly Traded European VC Firm

You’ll often hear wantrepreneurs complain about how their genius is being held back by venture capitalists (VCs) who don’t throw money at them because of <INSERT PERCEIVED INJUSTICE HERE>. The truth is that venture capital investing is exceptionally risky. Harvard Business School senior lecturer Shikhar Ghosh’s research showed that 75% of startups never return cash to […]

How to Invest in Startups With the World’s Best VCs

Lately we’ve been noticing lots of ads on Facebook about investing in some exciting-sounding startups that are trying to solve some grand problem. Click through the ad and it’s almost always some equity crowdfunding platform telling you about some can’t-miss opportunity to invest in the next Microsoft Tesla. We recently warned our readers about the […]

About Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust

Never have global equities been more accessible to retail investors than today. There’s more to the world of investing than the Nasdaq or the Silicon Valley Vatican. We frequently cover international stocks because there are some gems to be found out there flying under the radar. (For example, three of the five machine vision stocks […]

Unreasonable Group Tackles World’s Greatest Challenges

It’s not surprising that billionaires come with big egos, though the recent revelation from SoftBank’s CEO Mayoshi Son that he’s kind of like Jesus seems like some outsized hubris even for him. After all, Son is not exactly walking on water these days, as his outsized Vision Fund has lost about $17.7 billion last year, […]