Equity Crowdfunding

A Review of Netcapital and a Look at [REDACTED]

On June 6, 2021, we published a factual article titled A Review of Netcapital and a Look at [REDACTED] in which we expressed our concerns about the Netcapital equity crowdfunding platform and a company it hosts, [REDACTED]. As risk averse investors, we do not believe equity crowdfunding benefits investors on any platform. Here are some […]

The Problem with Equity Crowdfunding Platforms

When you create a new fintech platform targeting retail investors, you then need to attract their attention. Let’s say you have an alternative asset fintech company that sells timberland as an investment. You might ask sites like ours to write about the platform in exchange for a commission on any leads generated. They call this […]

Why Regulation A+ IPOs Should Be Avoided

For most retail investors, the acronym “IPO” has some pretty positive connotations. That’s because IPOs are typically associated with good times in the market. Take China as an example, where the IPO frenzy has seen some recent offerings oversubscribed by over 600X. Essentially, this means that the number of shares demanded by investors was 600 times higher than the […]

How to Manage Your Startup Equity with eShares

Regular readers will recall the article we published on Paragon’s Cannabis Themed Initial Coin Offering in which we unpacked just how bad of an “investment opportunity” this ICO actually is (or any ICO for that matter), much to the chagrin of the founders who did manage to put together a comprehensive response to our article. Said response, […]

MicroVentures – Is Equity Crowdfunding Worth A Look?

If you need to stay on top of everything tech like we try to do around here, you need to get right in front of what’s happening. One way to do that is to subscribe to Strictly VC which is this great daily newsletter that gives you a rundown of what meaningful funding rounds have […]

EquityNet – An Equity Crowdfunding Platform Review

If you’re an entrepreneur with a great idea, you’re probably going to need funding at some point in time. The way it works is that you usually give away equity in your company in exchange for cold hard cash. This funding can come from a venture capital firm, a private equity firm, an angel investor, […]

PaveGen Tiles Harvest Kinetic Energy from Footsteps

Some big news for retail investors came out this month when the SEC announced that they now allow crowdfunding for equity. Prior to that announcement, you could only receive the promise of products for your investment which as we discussed before, was still a very risky endeavor. Now that you can actually receive equity, it becomes even […]

Invest in 26+ Startups With Singularity University Labs

We’ve talked before about crowdfunding, in particular about the risks that you face when investing in a venture that is yet to be proven. We recently came across a very interesting crowdfunding platform which allows you to invest in various startups from beer brewing to self-tuning guitar systems. That platform is called Crowdfunder and there’s […]

A Warning About Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is something you’ve probably heard of. It’s where a large group of people who don’t know each other come together and all contribute a small amount of money to fund something. We wrote about a solar crowdfunding platform last year called Mosaic which allows you to participate in a diversified portfolio of solar projects. […]