ESG Investing

Should You Invest in Recycling Vending Machines?

Earlier this year, we introduced you to Loop Industries (LOOP), a publicly traded U.S. company that is a pure-play for investing in recycled plastics. Specifically, Loop has developed a process for upcycling waste plastic and polyester fiber into high-purity, food-grade polyethylene terephthalate (PET), the same material used in the plastic water bottles and other packaging […]

Unreasonable Group Tackles World’s Greatest Challenges

It’s not surprising that billionaires come with big egos, though the recent revelation from SoftBank’s CEO Mayoshi Son that he’s kind of like Jesus seems like some outsized hubris even for him. After all, Son is not exactly walking on water these days, as his outsized Vision Fund has lost about $17.7 billion last year, […]

Hydrogen Peroxide from Genetically Modified Enzymes

The lines between biology and computing are becoming increasingly blurred, something that was predicted by Saint Steve Jobs before his untimely demise. It’s now been more than 17 years since George Dubyah Bush created the 21st Century Nanotechnology Research and Development Act which brought nanotechnology into the limelight. Since then, the terminology has changed, but the […]

ESG Investing – The Search for Ground Truth

Pundits were recently fawning over the proclamation by 180 companies – including some of our favorite dividend growth investing names like Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), 3M (MMM), and The Coca-Cola Company (KO) – that maximizing shareholder value is no longer the raison d’etre for these companies. This slap in the face of fiduciary responsibility should […]

Should Social Media Data be Used for ESG Investing?

You have to beat the system to change it. In today’s capitalist society, this means climbing the ladder alongside the rest of the grunts and accumulating wealth that you can use to change the world. It’s a far more effective strategy than waving a hand-painted sign around while chanting slogans. Another way to help change […]

Does Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) Outperform?

In our recent article on Swell Investing, we took a look at some impact investing portfolios that allow investors to only invest in companies that “do good”. This is called “Socially Responsible Investing” and the general messaging from the many SRI fintechs that are sprouting up is that SRI outperforms the broader market. You’ve never heard […]

A Review of Swell Investing for Millennials

“Maybe stop bashing millennials with your obnoxious job ad if you want people to apply” said an article a few days ago on Mashable about a job ad posted in London. It seems that everywhere you turn, someone is either singing the praises of millennials or talking down to them. Nobody wants to say that this […]

Impact Investing – A Quick Definition and How to Invest

Did you know that 14 billion pounds of garbage (mostly plastic) is dumped into the ocean every year? Yes, we’re really fcuking up this planet good. That’s why we did our part to help by highlighting in a recent article the merits of “environmental social and governance investing” or ESG investing. This is where we […]

ESG Investing – How to Handle AI and Robotics?

Some big news came out yesterday that should make Americans feel horribly embarrassed. You see, someone who is a self-made billionaire said something so incredibly staggering that every single water cooler discussion should have been dominated by this revelation. The fact that Americans can go on about their lives without even discussing what was said is […]