Eye Tracking

4 Eye-Tracking Stocks for Driver Monitoring Systems

Some technologies always seem like they’re at least (or forever) 10 years away from significant commercialization. Advanced nuclear technology and fusion energy are a couple that immediately come to mind. We’ve pretty much given up on investing in graphene. On the other hand, autonomous vehicles are on the road today. That’s one reason why retail […]

Smart Eye Stock: The Business of Tracking Eye Movements

You see with your brain, not with your eyes. The images captured by your eyeballs are actually upside down, and your brain flips the images right side up. A fellow named George Stratton studied this phenomenon when he wore glasses that inverted his vision. After about seven days, his brain adjusted, and he started to […]

About Tobii Stock and Tobii Dynavox Stock

Stop reading this article for a moment and stare at a point on the wall. How much of what you see is rendered in high resolution? The Verge took a break from politics and wrote an excellent article on how the human eye sees things. Only about 0.1% of what you see in your field […]

The World Leader in Eye Tracking Technology

Elon Musk is not someone you would consider to be daft, yet he thinks there is a one-in-a-million chance that we’re not in a simulation right now. It’s an idea that’s not that far-fetched. Most of us already believe that there is an Almighty Creator who made everything around us what it is. “And on […]

The iMotions Biometric Research Platform

We recently wrote an article about how eye tracking technology allows us to take advantage of a phenomenon called “foveated rendering” which means we can significantly reduce the amount of bandwidth needed for fully immersive virtual reality simulations. The idea is that you only need to display high resolution exactly where the eye is looking […]

Eye Tracking, Foveated Rendering, and SensoMotoric

Eye tracking is the ability to monitor the movement of the human eye in real-time. Your eyes are a fascinating piece of work and are the second most complex organs after the brain to which they connect to using over 1 million nerve fibers each. 80% of what you learn is captured through your eyes along with […]