4 Eye-Tracking Stocks for Driver Monitoring Systems

March 22. 2023. 8 mins read

Some technologies always seem like they’re at least (or forever) 10 years away from significant commercialization. Advanced nuclear technology and fusion energy are a couple that immediately come to mind. We’ve pretty much given up on investing in graphene. On the other hand, autonomous vehicles are on the road today. That’s one reason why retail investors grabbed shares in Mobileye (MBLY) after it became a public company again or why Tesla (TSLA) has defied the odds and become more valuable than automakers like Toyota and Ford. 

But on the other, other hand: Significant commercialization of self-driving cars is at least 10 years away. In the meantime, companies that deploy advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) like adaptive cruise control really represent the near-term future of cutting-edge auto technology. Aside from Mobileye, there’s Aptiv (APTV), a $30 billion company with $17.5 billion in 2022 revenue that is probably the market leader in ADAS tech. Many of the technologies being deployed and developed by Aptiv, Mobileye, and others really blur the line between ADAS and self-driving technology. It just shows h

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