Smart Eye Stock: The Business of Tracking Eye Movements

September 23. 2021. 7 mins read

You see with your brain, not with your eyes. The images captured by your eyeballs are actually upside down, and your brain flips the images right side up. A fellow named George Stratton studied this phenomenon when he wore glasses that inverted his vision. After about seven days, his brain adjusted, and he started to see everything properly. Then he took the glasses off, and things got really weird. What he discovered is that we not only see upside down, but also backwards – pretty much what happens when you drop a few too many tabs of Purple Jesus.

Your eyes only move smoothly when tracking a moving object, else they jump about in rapid movements known as staccatos. Being able to track these eye movements helps us understand how humans pay attention, learn, react, and show emotion. Eye tracking has evolved into its own niche industry, and one Swedish company capitalizing on that with a focus on automotive applications is Smart Eye (SEYE.ST).

About Smart Eye Stock

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Founded in 1999, Sweden’s own Smart Eye is a $440 million publicly traded company that started out with Saab Automobile as their first customer, and the automotive industry has been a key

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