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Stop reading this article for a moment and stare at a point on the wall. How much of what you see is rendered in high resolution? The Verge took a break from politics and wrote an excellent article on how the human eye sees things. Only about 0.1% of what you see in your field of vision is rendered in high resolution. The rest is blurry, but you never notice that. It’s because your eye twitches very quickly to render a scene and your brain fills everything in so that it seems like everything is high resolution.

Foveated rendering is a term used to describe a method of rendering in virtual reality that only displays high resolution in the 0.1% of your field of vision that can see it. Just think of how much bandwidth you can save by only showing someone high resolution where their gaze rests. To accomplish foveated rendering, you to track the movements of the eye with incredible speed and precision. That’s the sort of stuff a Swedish firm called Tobii (TOBII.ST) does.

About Tobii Stock

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