The Razer IPO – A Pure Play Stock for eSports?

July 13. 2017. 5 mins read

It’s hard to believe that there’s not a correlation between the extent to which you fascinated over science fiction books at the library growing up (it used to be this place where you could rent books), and the likelihood you gravitated towards a career in tech like it was the only obvious option – then excelled at it. That’s probably because the way that the future is imagined in science fiction is often the way things turn out in reality. Science fiction broadens your mind to think beyond reality in the fast-moving world of tech, “to skate to where the puck is going to be” as Mr. Gretzky once said.

Let’s take the 4th Industrial Revolution as an example. They say that up to 80% of all jobs are going the way of the dodo. Everyone wants to focus on how we pay all these idle hands (universal basic income and all that), but we want to think about what all these idle hands will end up doing. “Oh, they’ll all just relax and do creative things like make music an art” everyone likes to say. Considering the excessive number of travel blogs and fashion blogs everywhere you look, seems like this is already happening. Someone actually did a study on the proliferation of the Italian fashion blogging market and this is how bad it’s getting:

“Stumbling on the Heels of My Blog”: Career, Forms of Capital, and Strategies in the (Sub)Field of Fashion Blogging – by Marco Pedroni

For some, spending their day on Facebook looking at fashion blogs is entertainment enough, but for the type of minds that fantasi

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