RNA Therapeutics

Benitec: A Small RNAi Stock with Big Hopes

In a previous article, we provided a list of 7 publicly traded companies involved in the RNAi Therapeutics space. With the recent IPO of Mirna Therapeutics (NASDAQ:MIRN) and the Benitec listing ADR listing (NASDAQ:BNTC), we can now rebalance our original RNAi therapeutics portfolio for a total of 9 stocks as seen below: When creating this portfolio, […]

Why Moderna Therapeutics Won’t IPO Anytime Soon

We recently wrote an article about 7 publicly traded stocks that are involved in the exciting field of RNA therapeutics or what is often referred to as RNA interference (RNAi). In that article, we noted that not all “RNA therapeutics” companies are created equal and there are actually quite a few categorizations of RNA therapeutics. mRNA is […]

7 RNA Therapeutics Companies to Invest In

RNA therapeutics uses a technology called RNA interference (RNAi) which has rapidly advanced over the past few years and generated a great deal of interest from biotech investors. RNAi is a gene-silencing technology that turns on and off the genes that regulate proteins in people’s cells. Drugs being developed based on this technology have recently advanced, mostly due to improved […]