A Nano 3D Printer That Prints Nano-Sized Objects

In a recent article, we wrote about an Israeli 3D printing startup that’s developing their flagship machine “capable of micron-resolution printing, with the capability to print thousands of parts in a single build.” The ability to 3D print objects at a micro or nanoscale opens doors for many new applications. Today, we’re going to look […]

WTF Happened to Bind Therapeutics?

It’s hard to say just how many publicly traded stocks we’ve covered so far on Nanalyze, but we’d guess that around 40% of our articles involve a publicly traded stock that has some degree of exposure (or claimed exposure) to one or more emerging technologies. If we take out all the over the counter (OTC) […]

Buy Pre-IPO Shares in a Nano Drug Delivery Company

At the CB Insights fintech conference that wrapped up recently, an interesting fellow named Michael Novogratz made the remark that “Great bubbles occur around stories that are going to happen“, and we thought that would pretty appropriately describe the little hype bubble that took place around 2004 for nanotechnology. We had some forums at that […]

What is Biochemistry and Why it Matters

If you’re a regular reader of Nanalyze, you’ll know that we’re big fans of the work that Bryan Johnson of Kernel is doing, essentially trying to enable read/write access to the brain. In one of his interviews, he remarks that ever since we first booted up a cell with human engineered DNA, we entered a new […]

Ginkgo Bioworks Acquires Gen9 – What That Means

As each day passes, mankind seems to get dumber and dumber. Squabbling about petty political disagreements, idolizing talent-less “celebrities”, allowing stock promotion scams to run rampant, eating gluten-free food, trying to keep up with the Kardashians, chasing around cartoon characters, ruining the planet –  the list of stupid things we occupy our time with just keeps […]

Genetic Engineering in Humans on the Germline

We now have 3 genetic engineering companies that have had an IPO and which you can now invest in; Editas Medicine (NASDAQ:EDIT), Intellia Therapeutics (NASDAQ:NTLA), and CRISPR Therapeutics (NASDAQ:CRSP). Sure, they’re involved in “gene editing” but the label of “genetic engineering” is much more appropriate for this article because we’re going to talk about something that […]

Zymergen – Synthetic Organisms Built by Robots and AI

When you read about what some startups are doing these days it seems like you’re reading a sci-fi book. Earlier this year we published an article titled “3 Companies Building Nanorobot Companies” and we talked about using software, robots, and synthetic biology to engineer synthetic organisms (essentially nanorobots) that can be used to create efficiencies. According to BCC Research, […]

Invest in Gene Editing or Synthetic Biology?

The big news this past week was something so significant and remarkable that it should have been the topic of conversation at every water cooler everywhere. While Microsoft’s AI bot tweeted out racial insults to anyone that would listen, and the circus of U.S. presidential election candidates exchanged even more schoolyard insults, a genius named Craig Venter […]

Lab Created Man-Made Diamonds from Diamond Foundry

About $13 billion dollars in diamonds are produced every year, with 65% of that production coming from Africa. The popularity of a movie called Blood Diamond (2006) brought to light the fact that much of that African diamond production comes with a cost, mainly that of human exploitation. So what are diamonds used for besides adorning […]

Synthorx Takes Synthetic Life to a Whole New Level

Synthetic biology is a theme we like to keep tabs on, not just because of the limitless potential this technology offers, but also because it’s just so darn interesting. The most notable pure-play stock for synthetic biology, Intrexon (XON), has been a volatile ride for shareholders lately. XON makes up a 35% position in the Nanalyze […]