Synlogic Becomes a Synthetic Biology Stock

January 31. 2018. 5 mins read

One downside of having to show up at 8:00 AM every morning to kick off your cushy finance job is all the new language you need to start using. We’re talking about corporate neologisms that try and soften the blow of certain “touchy” terms. Take for example the newly coined term “RIF” which stands for Reduction In Workforce. It’s much nicer to tell your employees that “some RIFs are likely to affect our department” than it is to say “some of you are losing your jobs because AI algorithms are doing a way better job than you will be ever capable of doing“. Another great one is the PIP which stands for Performance Improvement Plan and it’s a nicer way of saying “you are negatively impacting my entire team and I can’t isolate your cretinous behavior so I need to document your every move in hopes that I can convince HR to sack you“. Then, there’s something called a “pivot”.

The pivot goes something like this. Sometimes when a business starts turning out not to be economically viable, they quickly change their entire business focus without implying they did anything wrong by just calling it a “pivot”. In the most extreme cases, companies will pivot their entire product offering while in other cases, they’ll just opt for a rebrand. When we saw that a “synthetic biology stock” called Synlogic (

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