Nano Drug Delivery

Selecta Biosciences Stock: Mind the Dilution

Anyone who remembers the days of Flamel and Sky Pharma knows that the promise of nano drug delivery never really panned out for retail investors. These two firms promised to transform healthcare by using nanotechnology to deliver drugs more effectively. The technology moved on, while the supposed pioneers didn’t. The first nanotechnology-based cancer drugs to […]

Bionaut Sends Robots into the Human Body to Treat Disease

It may sound like science fiction, but there was a time when people were optimistic about the future. Perhaps no other decade embodies that optimism than the 1960s, though maybe it was all of the psychedelic drugs. Still, we made it to the moon, and sci-fi shows like “Star Trek” offered an inspiring vision of […]

Nano Drug Delivery for Cancer, Dermatology, and Pain

They say good things come in small packages. Like Herve Villechaize, the French actor who played Tattoo on Fantasy Island. The idiom also applies to drugs. No, we’re not talking about the little envelope that Nick at work slips you in the breakroom every other Friday. This is about nano-drug delivery – using nanoparticles to […]

Liquidia Technologies’ Stock to be Sold in IPO

If you’re lucky enough to raise funding for your startup, you will then need to contend with new stakeholders that want to see “an exit”. When we refer to an exit, we refer to an event that takes place where the investors who gave you money, then get their money back – ideally, more money than they gave you […]

WTF Happened to Bind Therapeutics?

It’s hard to say just how many publicly traded stocks we’ve covered so far on Nanalyze, but we’d guess that around 40% of our articles involve a publicly traded stock that has some degree of exposure (or claimed exposure) to one or more emerging technologies. If we take out all the over the counter (OTC) […]

Buy Pre-IPO Shares in a Nano Drug Delivery Company

At the CB Insights fintech conference that wrapped up recently, an interesting fellow named Michael Novogratz made the remark that “Great bubbles occur around stories that are going to happen“, and we thought that would pretty appropriately describe the little hype bubble that took place around 2004 for nanotechnology. We had some forums at that […]

A Nanotechnology IPO From Selecta Biosciences

Nanotechnology was all the rage back in 2004 when George Dubya Bush signed the Nanotechnology Research and Development Act and investors caught wind of a potential opportunity. This, of course, prompted us to start Nanalyze as we were dying to figure out how we could get a piece of that nano action as retail investors. […]

Liquidia: Joseph DeSimone’s Nanotechnology Company

In May of last year, we published an article titled “What if 3D Printing Was 1000X Faster” which talked about a 3D printing company called Carbon 3D which is looking to completely disrupt 3D printing with their technology that “grows” 3D objects from a pool of liquid resin. The speed at which current 3D printing technology […]

The Vaxxas “Nanopatch” Promises Needle-Free Vaccinations

For a majority of the people in this world who were fortunate enough to receive vaccinations, there are probably still some lingering unpleasant memories of being stuck with needles as a child. One Australian startup, Vaxxas, promises to eliminate the need for needles to be used in vaccinations by using their “Nanopatch” application method. About […]

Is 2015 The Year for Bind Therapeutics?

In August of last year, we highlighted a nano drug delivery company called BIND Therapeutics (NASDAQ:BIND), a company with strong pharma partnerships and an experienced management team. While BIND Therapeutics hit a 52-week low this week, about one-third of the way through today’s trading day we see that BIND is up over +11% with volume […]