Moderna Stock Offered in Planned IPO

November 11. 2018. 6 mins read

It’s always kind of comical to see financial pundits make a 50/50 call about some binary outcome in the future and then act like they’re the second coming of Nostradamus when the coin happens to land on heads. In the world of finance, it’s easy to pick one side of an outcome and then bring it up later, but only if your prediction was accurate. In August of 2015, we correctly argued that Moderna Therapeutics Won’t IPO Anytime Soon – largely because they had such a huge stockpile of cash at the time – and also because the company kind of said so. Well, “soon” is now far in the past, and Moderna (formerly known as Moderna Therapeutics) just announced a planned IPO days ago in which they hope to raise $500 million. Let’s dig into Moderna’s S-1 and see what’s going on with the company since we last looked.

Moderna’s Pipeline

You can read our past article on Moderna to get up to speed on the company or we can just give you the following ultra-brief summary. Founded in 2010, Moderna has taken in $2.6 billion in total funding to “commercialize a new category of medicines to treat human diseases” which consists of the sizable drug candidate pipeline seen below:

Moderna's Drug Pipeline Moderna’s Drug Pipeline – Source: Moderna (our yellow highlights)[/

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